Commission Sale!
For a limited time, I’m taking commissions!  Until May 4th, get a colorful piece of your original characters or your favorite character from your favorite show.  DISCLAIMER: There are things that I feel comfortable drawing and things that I don’t feel comfortable drawing. Should I decline to draw the subject/characters you requested, you will be given the chance to request something else, or your money will be refunded.

$20 for a single character in the style shown above, plus $5 per extra character.

Single Character Commissions

Pokemon Champion Deal:
If you couldn’t tell from the examples, I love pokemon.  As a special deal will draw you or your OC with their team of six pokemon for only $40! NOTE:This offer is for pokemon commission only.

If you have any questions or concerns, send me an email at or leave an ask on my art blog.  Thank you for your time!

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